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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

masculine supported

I think , more good if you completely your life , if you are single , with any supported in your home , like suggest follows . </div>

Good Luck


If you want the woman or girl place her head on your chest or shoulder ,
If you want you walk with beautiful body language .
If you want no have potbelly ,

You must do Continously , Light Exercise and Light Fittness .

For Light Exercise you may follow the picture below as your reference.</div>

For Light Fitness exercise , you may decide by your self , base on you body and power condition.

Good Luck

Attractive For Woman ===== CONT........

Gentlemen , let's we continue our discussion  .</div>

6. Polite and Respectful
 Sounds a little strange, but this is one of them.  
Do not do it excessive like you treat the woman like a princess. enough like you do to opeded the door for he , she has been happy. and appreciate you.

7. You must have the way of life and target of life
You must do what you want to do and target of you want to do. Do not talk like the confuse man or not clear of waht you are talking.
8. Sensitive to environment in front of you .
    But not Maudlin. 

9. Be a good hearing aid to your women or girl.
    Do not be a captious Man. 

10. Have a good Hobby

On the next pages we will discuss your light exercise.

Good Luck

Attractive For Woman

Masculine man is not characterized by the body that have full big muscular.</div>
 For most women, the body decorated with muscle everywhere it less attractive. 

Besides the food that must be paid highly attention , Masculine man must have any supporting life language .

They are :

1. Confident and Honesty:                                                                                                                  
In the eyes of the girls, who are less confident guy is not a real man.  
Confident and accepted to all you have alias Honesty , that is the man who is attraction in front of the woman or girl eyes.

2. Have Sense of Humor
All woman and Girls like the man who looking funny , when that's man is being with them.

3. Have a Body of Fragrant smelling Smelling
Wash your body minimum once a day , with fragrant soap and bath perfume.

4. Light Exercise.
Do light exercise for your fresh body condition.

5. Face performance
Perform your face looking Relax, Happy and welcome to the world.

We continue on the next page.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Perfect Formula


If you finished with and do well the food , let’s see your skin that’s need more service to be glowing.

Let’s try this any Tips.

1. Humidify your home .

2. Spritz your skin frequently throughout the day with a mineral water spritzer.

3. Take Aloe vera gel for a great healing moisturizer.                                                                                         Use it on your face and body as often as possible.

4. Make a mask of honey with the contents of a vitamin E capsule added and smooth on your face. Allow to rest for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water and pat dry.

5. Moisturizing creams are great for reducing wrinkles.                                                                                     Let’s take any food that  contains cocoa butter.                                                                                           It’s a fabulous moisturizer for Aging Skin.

6. Anti-oxidant-rich foods like carrots.                                                                                                             Try adding carrot juice or other fruit or vegetable juices to your moisturizer

7. Make simple fruit or vegetable masks to gently slough off dead skin cells.   
   Crushed strawberries, bananas, cucumber, and many other foods make it for your mourishing and    
   exfoliating masks.

8. Rub Vitamin E or wheat germ oil directly into wrinkles.

9. After a lifetime of exposure to pollutants, we need antioxidant .                                                                     Try applying witch hazel to your skin. It is so powerful.

10. Make sure you get enough omega-3 oil in your diet.

11. Make sure you get enough rest, for your skin repairing itself

Make sure you do extrs activity like light body building, Light Sport and Smart to choose your costume.

Good Luck

Food for Masculine Cont.....1

Food for Being Masciline      Cont.....1 </div>

10. Ginger
      This staple of Kama Sutra as the best ways to enhance increasesing your spirit .
      It increasesing  heart rate and blood flow throughout your body, especially pressure  to your activity at that 

       Combine with chicken or meat pieces.
       Apparently the compound that gives a rich aroma of spices will make your skin and sex organ more

12. Chili
      Chili is packed with compounds that help increase your heart rate and make you have wonderful sex
      experience cause of your receptor has more highly sensitive.

1.      Less Smoking
2.      Less Alcohol
3.      Less Angry
4.      Focus to what you want to do in all of your life
5.   Less Stress
6.   Do all things in relaxing to your body ,soul, feeling , Only do focus to what you want to do.
7.   Less Ego

May I remind you , beside the food , to be masculin performance need any extra life action., like :

     1. Light Exercise
     2. Smart in choosing dress.

We will inform again on the page.

Good Luck

Food for Maskuline Cont.....

Food For Being Masculine   Cont....</div>

Let’s we make this information completely with a wonderful information for you.

Here they are   :

6. Honey.
Supporting production testosterone and boron content in body use estrogen, which is the key to proper blood flow and stimulation. You will strong in sex activity.

7. Blueberry.
Contain components to increase circulation, giving you a natural viagra effects.

8. Watermelon
Pertform is a natural Viagra, do a  powerful production of enzyme in the blood that pumps blood into the target.

9. avocado
Have a lot of fiber, folate, glutathione, and vitamins B6, C, and E .
It may Keep your heart healthy.

Let's continue again on the next page

Good Luck
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